Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Sixtieth Birthday to Peeps!


On a table
in breakroom at work:
three purple peeps
and a clove of garlic.

Which came first?
The peeps or the garlic?

Ingredients for a recipe?
Saute one minced garlic clove
in olive oil.
Add three peeps, chopped.
Serve over pasta.
Perhaps not.

Cult ritual material?
Have the three peeps
missing from box of six
already been sacrificed
by someone wearing necklace
of garlic cloves?

Quick! A psychological test:
Complete the set-
Three peeps, garlic clove and

You failed.

Performance art piece?
A searing statement
on the impermanence of life?

I consider eating a peep,
moving from observer to participant
but decide to maintain
the mystery.


Photo credit: Mary Edmunds
Technology discredit: A.H.

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