Monday, April 8, 2013

In honor (?) of our current weather...

White Crap

"I don't want to cheer up"
snarled at my husband
as I drive him to airport.
"You're leaving
and it's snowing."
He persists
"You'll be in Lake Tahoe soon."
"Well, I'm sure as hell
not there now!"
Know this foul mood
will eventually



  1. No white crap here - but some good old thunder, lightning, and rain. Could be some of that white crap in a couple of days though! It does tend to put one in a foul mood, doesn't it? Just keeping Tahoe - Tahoe - Tahoe!

  2. Some of that white crap has made it to the lower 48 again. I just shoveled a couple heavy, wet inches off the driveway. That is just the prelude to a storm that could give us a foot of snow by tomorrow. You say Tahoe, I say SPRING PLEASE!