Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Drive by Fruiting plus 3 bird poems

Driveby Fruiting

Menu announces
that Charlissa's French Toast*
is topped with honey cream cheese
and swerved
with a side of raspberries.
Hope no injuries occurred.
At least it wasn't
a head-on collision
involving blueberries
or a sideswipe
by strawberries.

*Charlottes cafe in Kenai, AK

Playing hide and seek
when I want a closer look-
shy little sparrow.

That cheeky bird*
tarted up in brash colors
proclaiming cheeriness-
doesn't he know
gray is the color today?
My sister is sick
and still he persists
in brightness.

* Western tanager

What I could learn
from a bald eagle
is this-
don't fight the wind.
Open your wings
and simply float.
That is all
and it is


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Because It Is Spring

Because it is spring,
after fourteen months
of winter,
hope arrived
along with
two Canada geese
skidding into
Reflection Lake.

Because it is spring again,
and a junco
scampered in the yard,
it is possible to
believe in green
replacing black snow.

Because it is spring now,
perhaps the sweetest ever-
daylight is on steroids
and a Sandhill crane
winged a welcome
across the sky.


Sunday, April 9, 2017


Those vehicles,
covered in snow,
abandoned in parking lots-
what stories
do they hold?
Is there
a parking lot
for abandoned lives?
"It just wouldn't start."
"It was running poorly."
"I didn't like the way it sounded."
"I was tired of it."
"It wore out."
"It broke down so often."
I couldn't find a good mechanic
for my broken down, little life
so I parked it here.
Will come back
when I have more-
time, money, energy,
ideas, inspiration.
Until then
it will be alone
on this acre of asphalt
surrounded by
melting snow.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Series of Small Satisfactions*

May your day hold
a series of small satisfactions,
little yippees scattered
about the hours.
Enough of
the dullness triplets-
blunt, bland and blah.
Sprinkle bits of sparkle,
give it up for
glint and glimmer.
Is that a baby-delight
bursting onto the scene?
Say farewell to
fickle and foul,
guilt be gone.
Bid welcome to
zip, zing and zest
as seasonings splashed
onto this day
as you savor
a series of small satisfactions.

* Phrase stolen from "The Daughter of Time" by Josephine Tey.
"...perhaps a series of small satisfactions scattered like sequins over the texture of everyday life..."


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Peruvian Hummingbirds

Please may I
be reincarnated
as a hummingbird
from Peru?
Could become
a sparkling violetear,
an amethyst woodstar,
or a
black-throated mango.
Quite fancy the
rufous-crested coquette.
Wouldn't mind being
a fork-tailed woodnymph
or black-breasted hillstar.
Booted racket-tail
sounds fun.
See me flitting
among greenery
seeking sweetness,
cavorting with the
marvelous spatuletail.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Maximum Alertness to Life* and Prayer for My Sisters

Maximum Alertness to Life*

See the tiny branches
outside the window
weaving patterns
against the sky,
a study in black
on a gray canvas.
Now a chickadee
wanders into the scene-
flits and leaves
as a raven
catches the corner
of this evolving portrait.

*phrase stolen, heard on radio (wish I could attribute)

Prayer for My Sisters*

We were fledged
in the same nest
and now have hatched
our own lives.
Hope you are held
in comfort today,
supported and secure
in loving hands,
your nest
a sanctuary in storms.
Wish you a good view
wherever you perch.
If needed
my heart flies to you-
an irridescent feather
to soften hard landings.
Fly on
sisters of the same nest.

*in response to prayer request from two sisters
I am grateful for seven splendid sisters.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Word Pictures from Peru

Night Bus to Arequipa

We clung
to the belly
of the metal beast
as it lurched and groaned
into the night
crawling along mountain roads
shuddering and shaking.
At first light
we approached Arequipa
where the creature
spit us out
into the day.


Cusco clutches
the mountain sides
and thousands of steps
bite the earth.
Huff, puff,
feel 11,000 feet.
Walk carefully
on uneven stones,
narrow streets,
cars constantly arguing
with the road
and each other.
Honk, honk!
Street dogs
contibute their offerings
to the experience.
Oh s--t,
didn't see that one.