Sunday, March 19, 2017

Peruvian Hummingbirds

Please may I
be reincarnated
as a hummingbird
from Peru?
Could become
a sparkling violetear,
an amethyst woodstar,
or a
black-throated mango.
Quite fancy the
rufous-crested coquette.
Wouldn't mind being
a fork-tailed woodnymph
or black-breasted hillstar.
Booted racket-tail
sounds fun.
See me flitting
among greenery
seeking sweetness,
cavorting with the
marvelous spatuletail.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Maximum Alertness to Life* and Prayer for My Sisters

Maximum Alertness to Life*

See the tiny branches
outside the window
weaving patterns
against the sky,
a study in black
on a gray canvas.
Now a chickadee
wanders into the scene-
flits and leaves
as a raven
catches the corner
of this evolving portrait.

*phrase stolen, heard on radio (wish I could attribute)

Prayer for My Sisters*

We were fledged
in the same nest
and now have hatched
our own lives.
Hope you are held
in comfort today,
supported and secure
in loving hands,
your nest
a sanctuary in storms.
Wish you a good view
wherever you perch.
If needed
my heart flies to you-
an irridescent feather
to soften hard landings.
Fly on
sisters of the same nest.

*in response to prayer request from two sisters
I am grateful for seven splendid sisters.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Word Pictures from Peru

Night Bus to Arequipa

We clung
to the belly
of the metal beast
as it lurched and groaned
into the night
crawling along mountain roads
shuddering and shaking.
At first light
we approached Arequipa
where the creature
spit us out
into the day.


Cusco clutches
the mountain sides
and thousands of steps
bite the earth.
Huff, puff,
feel 11,000 feet.
Walk carefully
on uneven stones,
narrow streets,
cars constantly arguing
with the road
and each other.
Honk, honk!
Street dogs
contibute their offerings
to the experience.
Oh s--t,
didn't see that one.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Write Against Wrong and Triplespeak

Write against wrong
or be quiet?
Swallow the bitterness
and anger
or speak?
There is no safety
in silence.
So, I ask:
why are we
making America mean
while schoolyard bullies
pretend to govern?


Unsure doublespeak
covers it.
Lying about lying
about lying
needs it's own category-


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Shrinkage No More plus Don't Agonize, Organize

"Some shrinkage may occur during shipping."

Shipping shrinkage
might be acceptable
for cereal
and other items
but I am
standing still.
No shrinking necessary,
did too much in past -
here, let me make sure
I'm not too loud, soft,
hard, quiet, big, little.
Let me get smaller
in case you need
more room.
Shrunk myself
for too long-
no more shrinking!

Don't Agonize, Organize

Things to organize:
my closet.
Give unneeded items away
to someone who needs them.
My thoughts:
so I can pen letters
to elected officials.
My heart:
so I don't become
what I dislike.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Coronation/Inauguration plus haiku

The Lyin' King
will be crowned
this week.
He will continue
to make noise
and preen
his golden mane
amidst bluster
and bluff,
trampling truth
in his hunt
for admiration
and domination.
I am not cowed
by his roar
but I am afraid
my own weariness
will lead to

The composition:
a study in black and white-
a raven on snow.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Solitary Bird*

Was the single
Pacific Wren
jealous of the
thousands of
Bohemian Waxwings?
Did the lone
Common Goldeneye
feel uncommon?
Does the
Song Sparrow
mute it's melody
envying the mass
of Common Redpolls?
What to make of the
coincidence of
Three-toed Woodpeckers?

*inspired by the 2016 Anchorage Christmas bird count