Monday, January 16, 2017

Coronation/Inauguration plus haiku

The Lyin' King
will be crowned
this week.
He will continue
to make noise
and preen
his golden mane
amidst bluster
and bluff,
trampling truth
in his hunt
for admiration
and domination.
I am not cowed
by his roar
but I am afraid
my own weariness
will lead to

The composition:
a study in black and white-
a raven on snow.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Solitary Bird*

Was the single
Pacific Wren
jealous of the
thousands of
Bohemian Waxwings?
Did the lone
Common Goldeneye
feel uncommon?
Does the
Song Sparrow
mute it's melody
envying the mass
of Common Redpolls?
What to make of the
coincidence of
Three-toed Woodpeckers?

*inspired by the 2016 Anchorage Christmas bird count


Friday, December 30, 2016

For the New Year

If You're Moving...

At the end of
a disheartening day
I slunk into
my first-ever Zumba class.
flailing my arms and legs-
no grace here.
Feeling my confusion
the young woman
next to me said
"If you're moving,
you're doing it right."


My Shi-ty Little Life

How can my
very same life
go from shitty
to shiny
in five minutes?
Took my little life,
shook it up,
turned it over.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Exultations

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle. Breathe..
Don't worry if your cookies crumble. Relax...
Don't meltdown under the mistletoe. Stay mellow...
Don't let your poinsettia wilt. Stay hydrated...
Don't let your ribbon unravel. Refresh...
Don't crush your candy cane. Celebrate...
Don't get your holly in a hassle. Hope...
Don't get your wassail in a whip. Let it go...
Don't get your bells in a jangle. Keep it simple...
Don't let your ornaments be an obstacle. Be grateful...
Don't let your tree topple. Stay balanced...
Don't let presents predominate. Give presence...


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Solstice -Reflections on Light


Soon the black balloon
of the day
will spring a tiny leak,
the darkness dribbling out
slow at first
gaining speed
the balloon shrinking
and shriveling
until the sun
grows into a
fat ball of a day.

Whole Lotta Dark!

Dark 26 hours
a day now.
"Not possible"
you say.
Am using the
perceived light index.*

*think wind chill factor

It is way dark now.
This can only mean one thing -
the light is closer.


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fiction Starts Here

Fiction starts here
proclaimed the bookstore sign.
If only it was always
this clear,
a placard or
warning buzzer
when my mind
goes on walkabout-
my perceptions
fuzzy at best-
you are now entering
the fiction area-
perhaps an interesting story
but not true.

Fiction starts here
and continues
in the current national
political story,
certified fact-free,
an uneven plot line.
Who wrote this mess
and when will
fiction end here?


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Counting Our Sums*

Not the final number
that matters
but the act itself,
choosing to count
blessings before blights.
My counting includes:
the Boys in the Bed (don't worry-it's legal) -
my husband John,
the cat boys Tom and Oscar,
my first defense
against cold inside and out.
Thus fortified,
I continue adding-
coffee, always coffee,
after which family and friends
can be appreciated.
Some friends are human,
others are words
to read and write,
a comfort and refuge.
Next I give thanks
for a fledgling faith
and life circumstances
that allow
the luxury of reflection.
Here, still here,
counting blessings.

*"We are all blessed and we're all blighted...Every day each of us
does our sums.The question is, what do we count?"
Louise Penny - "The Murder Stone"