Saturday, November 26, 2016

Counting Our Sums*

Not the final number
that matters
but the act itself,
choosing to count
blessings before blights.
My counting includes:
the Boys in the Bed (don't worry-it's legal) -
my husband John,
the cat boys Tom and Oscar,
my first defense
against cold inside and out.
Thus fortified,
I continue adding-
coffee, always coffee,
after which family and friends
can be appreciated.
Some friends are human,
others are words
to read and write,
a comfort and refuge.
Next I give thanks
for a fledgling faith
and life circumstances
that allow
the luxury of reflection.
Here, still here,
counting blessings.

*"We are all blessed and we're all blighted...Every day each of us
does our sums.The question is, what do we count?"
Louise Penny - "The Murder Stone"


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Anchorage Woman Tapped As Policy Advisor to President-elect

Policy Revision

"I'm going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it."

"Well, maybe not a wall the whole way-maybe a fence in places."

Okay, in the spirit of unity, let me help with this.
How about a phalanx of those plastic pink flamingos on some stretches?
Wouldn't that be pretty?
Oh-and people could dress them up in outfits for special occasions.
I don't want to discriminate here-we could use any kind of lawn ornament to mark the border. Everyone has an extra lawn ornament in their garage. Gnomes anyone?
And... lawn ornaments need a lawn so we could plant a strip of grass. Well okay we could xeriscape in places. Best of all-it's budget neutral- we just use what we already have.

Now, about that border with Canada.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Voted For.... plus haiku

I Voted For....

I vote for civility
and kindness
my platform is
decency and respect
I choose to be
an involved citizen
I elect not
to demonize others
I select media
that is intelligent
and fair
I believe
we are the government
and I vote.

Flurry of feathers,
bird festival at feeder-
a feast for my eyes.
November morning
dark and cold, inside and out-
waiting for the light.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Feelings plus Haiku

Bare branches surprised
by the newly fallen snow
will forget in spring.

Exquisite Pain*

Some sadnesses
to tiny hardened pebbles.
Easy to forget
until stepped on
and then
the pain sears.

*exquisite pain is an actual medical term meaning severe pain

Hit a seam
of molten anger
had to be careful
to let it
propel me forward
into action,
not inward
scorch my spirit.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Goodbye -for Mary E.*

Abandon us
just as the cold and dark
settle in
and we most need
the hard flint of your words
to strike a light on the page.

Go ahead, leave us.
I won't miss your
wit and wisdom,
your pithy profundities,
your erudite elderhostiles.**

Thank you writer-friend
for your word pictures,
your solid sentence structure,
the poems hewn
from pain and pleasure.

I will miss the shelter
of your words.


*Mary E. is a writer and friend who is moving out-of-state. She has been an integral part of Saturday writing group.
**elderhostiles are Mary's vignettes about life at her senior housing complex.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Goodnight, Garden / A Final Garden / October, Alaska

Goodnight, Garden

Time to
put the garden
to bed,
tucked under a
blanket of leaves.
Rest now,
have sweet dreams
of spring sun.
Night, night.

A Final Garden

Some year,
perhaps soon,
I will plant
my final garden.
Autumn now
for me,
loss and decay
after splendid summer
of growth and color.
Some time-
a big sleep
with no awakening
when I
become earth.

October, Alaska

I want to take
big, fat bites
of the sun,
to feast on light
before winter.
Might be stuffed
with sunlight
for a day,
not sustained
for the season.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Random Acts of Writing -Just Giggle It

Yes, today's offerings are leftovers -bits of writing that will spoil if I don't use them.

1) Aileen's Axiom: incorrect information travels 10 times faster than correct information.

2) question you probably won't get in a job interview - What is your astrological sign and how will it affect your work?

3) list of people and groups of people a certain male presidential candidate hasn't ridiculed, mocked, scorned or belittled -
                    This space intentionally left blank

4) "Giggle it" - what I recently heard someone I know (and am married to) say instead of "Google it."  I quite like this.

5) The stingrays at SeaWorld look like giant, flattened swimming rats. This does not appeal to me.

Wow, writing is exhausting. I better pace myself and take a nap.