Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Drive by Fruiting plus 3 bird poems

Driveby Fruiting

Menu announces
that Charlissa's French Toast*
is topped with honey cream cheese
and swerved
with a side of raspberries.
Hope no injuries occurred.
At least it wasn't
a head-on collision
involving blueberries
or a sideswipe
by strawberries.

*Charlottes cafe in Kenai, AK

Playing hide and seek
when I want a closer look-
shy little sparrow.

That cheeky bird*
tarted up in brash colors
proclaiming cheeriness-
doesn't he know
gray is the color today?
My sister is sick
and still he persists
in brightness.

* Western tanager

What I could learn
from a bald eagle
is this-
don't fight the wind.
Open your wings
and simply float.
That is all
and it is


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