Sunday, July 9, 2017

Word Worms

Word Worms

     Soon the words will build up and I will have to let them out because it really wouldn't do to run around with words attempting to poke out of my body, like word worms crawling out after feasting on my innermost thoughts and feelings and then-gorged and dying-commit literary hair kari on a white shroud of paper, their desiccated bodies one final expression of angst, a calligraphy of pain.

Word Worm1
     She must have thought that, within 2 minutes of meeting her, I needed to know about her knee surgery, her failed store and kitchen remodel. So much information spilled out I almost tripped over it. Her running commentary interfered with my ability to peruse her garage sale and I fled to my car, slamming the door to prevent unwanted data from infecting me.


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  1. Oh this makes me squirm it is so true!!! Word worms are my parasite infestation.