Sunday, July 23, 2017

Word Worm2 -Random Acts of Writing

   Because of the hole in her heart she had to be wary of items falling in. It simply wouldn't do to use a bent coat hanger to poke around in there, amidst arteries and aortas and other vital parts. Best to be careful from the beginning, posting caution signs around the cardiac sinkhole.

     To be sure, it was an attack of The Positive People. At first she didn't know what hit her but then slowly, as she recovered, it dawned on her. They were unfailingly - some might say militantly-chipper and aggressively optimistic. Her wounds were internal, a sense of failure because she had allowed-and The Positive People knew it-feelings that were less than positive.

     Wondering when the "write local" movement will take hold and what it will mean for my writing. Should I start foraging for wild words? I know there are some feral words nearby but they might be hard to catch unless I set a trap and what would I use for bait to entice them? Perhaps I should attempt to raise my own phrases - cage-free, of course.


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