Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why Catholics Can't Sing

Multiple Choice
Catholics can't sing because:
a) they might enjoy it and that would be a sin.
b) they have PTSD - Post Traumatic Singing Disorder - from Catholic grade school music lessons.
c) the acoustics aren't good in churches.
d) there is no commandment "thou shalt sing."
e) I don't know because I haven't read the book yet.

The most correct answer is e) I haven't read the book yet. What book, you say? "Why Catholics Can't Sing: The Culture of Catholicism and Triumph of Bad Taste." I am not making that up. This title called to me at a garage sale. Chapter headings include: The People Without Music, The Irish Way and Mr. Nice Guy. In the unlikely event I read this book I will report back.

A.H.   9-24-14

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