Saturday, September 13, 2014

R.I.P. Baxter

Baxter - our big, brown cat -died unexpectedly on Monday. John, Tom and I have lost part of our family. We've had Baxter (or he's had us) for about 11 years. We adopted him from Petco. He had apparently been "returned" by someone else, thus he was a "used" cat, as someone called him. Thanks Baxter for the laughs, the joy and the love.

I had the thrill of seeing a Kodiak brown (grizzly) bear on Wednesday and decided it was Baxter reincarnated. Thus, the following haiku:

Kodiak brown bear
running wild, gulping salmon,
it's Baxter writ large.

I think I can still hear him purring. Goodbye Baxtie.

A.H. 9-13-14

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