Tuesday, September 30, 2014

800 Seconds of Gratitude

 Eight Hundred Seconds

Decide to honor
my sister’s 800th post
on her gratitude blog
with 800 seconds of gratitude.
How hard can it be?
Hmm, 800 seconds?
That equals…?
(insert math problem here)
thirteen minutes, twenty seconds.
Do the two minutes
for the math problem
count toward the 800?
Okay, eleven minutes plus
of total gratitude
starting now.
I’m grateful for:
this coffee,
Tom – even though he was pesty at 3 a.m.,
my writing group (currying favor),
Potter’s Marsh,
my health,
oh rats! I forgot to make dental appointment.
Get back into gratitude Aileen.
Okay where was I?
I am thankful for:
Hotdish Haiku book Zita sent me,
sleeping in,
the novel I’m reading,
last night’s movie
and leftover popcorn.
That reminds me:
I need to get cat food.
What else before I leave Friday?
Better buy new tennies.
Back to gratitude A.
Think it’s easy
to have 800 straight
seconds of gratitude?
You try it!
I’m going to weave
the 800 seconds
throughout my day,
threads of appreciation
brightening the hours.

   A.H. 9-30-14         


  1. I love the idea of weaving gratitude throughout my day. It does brighten and lighten things. Like hot dish recipes, there is always more gratitude to be found if I look. Thanks Aileen!

  2. I love this poem and it makes me want to try for 800 seconds of gratitude as well. I think I would be like you though and get distracted by things that needed to be done and would like to weave them throughout my day.