Thursday, September 29, 2016

Random Acts of Writing -Just Giggle It

Yes, today's offerings are leftovers -bits of writing that will spoil if I don't use them.

1) Aileen's Axiom: incorrect information travels 10 times faster than correct information.

2) question you probably won't get in a job interview - What is your astrological sign and how will it affect your work?

3) list of people and groups of people a certain male presidential candidate hasn't ridiculed, mocked, scorned or belittled -
                    This space intentionally left blank

4) "Giggle it" - what I recently heard someone I know (and am married to) say instead of "Google it."  I quite like this.

5) The stingrays at SeaWorld look like giant, flattened swimming rats. This does not appeal to me.

Wow, writing is exhausting. I better pace myself and take a nap.


1 comment:

  1. Giggle it! Freudian Spanx. Love giggle it. I will never be able to see stingrays without cringing at the giant flattened swimming rats.