Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Aging is Weird*

Whose body is this?
it's mine.
Didn't recognize it
for a minute,
this shape-shifting
used vehicle.
Who is that grayhead
in the mirror?
it's me.
'Twas only
a few years ago-
make that 45-
that I was using Sun-In.**

Ha! Go ahead-
droop, creak, dry up.
It's  a wrinkle fest.
Smooth, supple skin
is so over-rated.

I know this-
I must stay alive
to find the answer
to burning questions such as:
Will I be popular in the nursing home?
(my last shot)

Weird, this aging business.
Was there an instructional DVD
I missed?
What if I
suck at aging?
Aim for grace,
hit grouchy instead?
Can't bear to flunk
the aging well test -
returned with a big, red F.

*but probably beats the alternative
*bonus points if you used Sun-In


1 comment:

  1. There is a picture of you with your long "Sun In" hair!! You are leaning against a tree. I bet you can still dribble a basketball on Main Street in Ossian. Being popular is highly over-rated. I should know. Excuse me while I fruitlessly search for "Sun In" at the store...