Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Zita Air*

I'm older-
why does Zita get an airline first?
Just cleared for take-off-
Zita Air,
not named after my sister Zita
but her namesake Saint Zita
who was "a servant who set an example to her co-workers and even her master."
Also "her perseverance through maltreatment was encouraging."
Wouldn't call teasing my sister maltreatment.
Wait a sec -wasn't she the bread-baking saint?
Did I mention we were raised Catholic?
Hmm, wonder if people named Zita
get free flights?

*actual factual information about a new air taxi company in western Alaska.
Quotes are from company owner Danielle Troll in Alaska Dispatch News.



  1. Hi Aileen... Liz Noyes here... (I don't know about selecting what "comment as" so it goes under anonymous!) I loved this poem! What a fun commentary on growing up & siblings!