Sunday, April 17, 2016

Got a vocation? Get thee to a nunnery!

Growing up a vocation meant a religious calling to be a nun or priest. Even though the days of neat nun habits seem to have passed, it may not be too late for that vocation. Choose from one of these religious orders ( or shall we say disorders?)

The Mony, Mony Monks
These musically-inclined monks have fun with the rhythm method. They draw their inspiration from the Tommy James and the Shondells smash hit -Mony, Mony." Yeah, yeah, feels so good.

Little Sisters of Stromboli
Got a culinary calling? Want to serve via food? This spicy group of sisters is for you. In a nod to convention but with their unique twist, their nun hat is a chef's toque.

Big Brothers of Zamboni
This highly polished group of men appeals to religious sophisticates. They are also known for impromptu hockey games.

Divine Order of Nappists
Patron Saints: Saint Mattress and Pillowicious


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