Saturday, June 13, 2015

Frozen -Not the Movie

Seemed like a good idea
to treat visitors
to a meal
at Humpy’s.
Crowded as usual,
it’ll be okay
to sit outside.
Hmm, wish I had my jacket.
Where’s the waitress?
Pleasant conversation
distracts me briefly
from the cold.
Where’s the waitress?
Finally, orders in,
food on the way,
more enjoyable talk
only helps so much.
Husband dispatched to car
for extra layers,
what a godsend.
Hmm, my brother on second beer,
where’s our food?
Waitress said something
about covering eight tables,
orders being slow,
didn’t realize she meant
glacial speed.
My chattering teeth
make talk difficult.
Hmm, wonder if I have a mint
or candy in my purse
to stave off hunger pangs?
Much later,
see waitress careen
around corner with our orders.
Were those my French fries
flying off the plate?
Can still use my partially numb fingers
to eat and gain strength
so I don’t lose consciousness,
frozen at Humpy’s.

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