Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Multiple Choice

An aglet is: (choose one)

a) a miniature farm
b) the tip of a shoelace
c) a type of igneous rock
d) a bird native to Brazil
e) none of the above

Correct answer: b. Who knew those metal or plastic thingies at the end of shoelaces even had a name?

A.H.   2-12-14


  1. Thanks Aileen - I learned something new today already and it is just the beginning of the day!

  2. So you put the aglet through the eyelet? Who knew? I like the miniature farm option though. :-)

  3. That is some type of tricky question but I will go with 'a' as it looks some sense of using all the things in the line but it is just a new day we still have a lot of gap so I do not think about top companies that it will be a wrong answer.