Saturday, March 11, 2017

Maximum Alertness to Life* and Prayer for My Sisters

Maximum Alertness to Life*

See the tiny branches
outside the window
weaving patterns
against the sky,
a study in black
on a gray canvas.
Now a chickadee
wanders into the scene-
flits and leaves
as a raven
catches the corner
of this evolving portrait.

*phrase stolen, heard on radio (wish I could attribute)

Prayer for My Sisters*

We were fledged
in the same nest
and now have hatched
our own lives.
Hope you are held
in comfort today,
supported and secure
in loving hands,
your nest
a sanctuary in storms.
Wish you a good view
wherever you perch.
If needed
my heart flies to you-
an irridescent feather
to soften hard landings.
Fly on
sisters of the same nest.

*in response to prayer request from two sisters
I am grateful for seven splendid sisters.


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