Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fiction Starts Here

Fiction starts here
proclaimed the bookstore sign.
If only it was always
this clear,
a placard or
warning buzzer
when my mind
goes on walkabout-
my perceptions
fuzzy at best-
you are now entering
the fiction area-
perhaps an interesting story
but not true.

Fiction starts here
and continues
in the current national
political story,
certified fact-free,
an uneven plot line.
Who wrote this mess
and when will
fiction end here?



  1. What a great sign, perhaps " fiction starts here" over the door to the Oval Office after Jan. 20, 2017 or maybe 'The Twilight Zone" . Never have so many had such little respect for the President Elect. Of course there are beautiful works of fiction that are "true". Universal truths like love, respect and tolerance.