Friday, May 27, 2016

My Brain on Insurance (Overload)

Remember "This is your brain on drugs?"
Here is my brain on insurance overload:
Yes,it's the size of a period.
No it hasn't always been that small.
Yesterday, after one too many insurance calls with impenetrable phone trees-
"Press five if you'd rather stick pins in your eyes"
 and a snarly customer disservice agent
and an assault of acronyms-
"Did you get an EOB with your COB?"
my brain exploded-
(didn't hurt as much as expected as my mind was numb)
and then condensed.
Wonder what the ICD -10 code is for that?
Brain shrinkage due to environmental factors?
Please don't suggest I call my insurance company-
I'm SOB* just considering it.

*Shortness of breath


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