Friday, January 15, 2016

A Good Man Gone - for our friend Robin*

Told our cat
that his buddy Robin
wouldn’t be back,
Think Tom understood,
stayed close,
seeking solace.

Suspect Robin,
being a statistician,
always knew
the odds were poor –
the diagnosis last spring:
colon cancer with metastatsis.

Rounds of chemo,
hospitalizations, weight loss,
Thin to start,
became gaunt.
Robin crossed paths
with my very ill brother-in-law,
sharing a rehab. center,
was kind to Roger
in what became
Roger’s last days.

This is what
was there
as Robin faded -
a core of kindness.

He was a good man
and he is gone.

* John's colleague - and our friend - Robin Reich died on January 3rd. Robin (Dr. Reich) taught statistics at Colorado State University. We were fortunate to have him visit us in Alaska many times and he would "commit science" at our kitchen table. 
Special gratitude to Robin's dear friend Vanessa.

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