Friday, November 13, 2015

Doing a Roger

My brother-in-law Roger Watson died on November 1st at age 64 from early-onset dementia (Lewy body.) Before his illness slowed him, Roger was a very active man. He hiked and biked thousands of miles, most often in the splendid foothills of northern Colorado. His wife, my sister Danita, often joined him.
Please join me in honoring Roger's memory by "doing a Roger." This is my new term for taking a walk, a hike, a bike ride - getting out there (or inside) and moving.
When I visited Roger and Danita I enjoyed Roger's "reports from the field." These were descriptions of what he had seen, ranging from coyotes and rattlesnakes (yikes!) to numerous bird species. Particularly memorable was a sighting of mountain bluebirds caught in a late snow -broken pieces of sky.

Move, notice, report back.
Rest in peace Roger. Thank you for wonderful memories.
Special thoughts and love for Danita who now must walk on without her partner.


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