Friday, September 18, 2015

What I Wish the Voices in My Head Said

1) Yeah , you tried. That's great.
2) Relax, everything is already okay and always has been.
3) Hooray, you're feeling and healing.
4) There's no need to try too hard.
5) Dare to be mediocre.
6) Try easier.
7) Yippee, you're human.
8) You don't need to worry about that,
9) I know this will all work out.
10) It's always time for chocolate.
11) You're splendidly imperfect.
12) You're so much like other people.
13) Isn't it time for a giggle?

Thanks to sis Danita for inspiring this when we were discussing harsher voices in the head -the berating ones. Be gone! Make way for kinder and gentler.
Gosh darn it -we're good enough.

Shush to the voice in my head saying this is a dumb post. Maybe it is - oh well! It's all good. I am alive and my basic needs are well met. Now I must go giggle.

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