Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Last Frickin' Thing (for LIsa)

The last frickin' thing
I wanted to do tonight
was be grateful.
But then,
out walking,
I spotted a dog
that made me smile
and the hard crust
of my day
cracked a little.



  1. Thanks Aileen! I love "the hard crust of my day cracked a little." Even when I don't feel very grateful, gratitude practice works. Always applicable. Always available. The rest is up to me.

  2. Loved it Aileen! I can SO relate! After 9 one hr sessions being put on my schedule without me having any control of that... well I am pretty zany by the end of the day. Easy for me to get bitter about the lack of control I have. It's important to both accept that it's ok to be angry at one level, & yet, to not stay there too long.