Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Alaskana -Iditarod Special

True or False (choose one): The Iditarod Air Force is an elite group of fighter pilots based in Alaska to protect against Russian aggression (can you say Ukraine)?

False. The Iditarod Air Force is an all volunteer group of bush pilots who assist with ferrying whatever is needed during the Iditarod. This could include race officials, journalists or injured dogs.

It is true that I've failed once again in my quest to be the first-ever cat musher to run the Iditarod. My plan was to train Tom and Baxter and then build my team from there.  Baxter, being a hefty cat, should be a good puller. Alas, neither cat seems the least bit interested in acquiring the necessary skill and discipline.


1 comment:

  1. Maybe we could send Quincy, Peanut, and Wylie up to be be part of your team. You would maybe have to fatten them up a little or should I say Baxter would as their leader. Maybe if they would have gotten to those mice we've been catching as of late before they got in our house, they would be a little closer to that already. I almost always learn something new from you in your writings which I enjoy!